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The 150 Series - THX Ultra2 - The Speaker The Film Studios Use

S150 MkII THX Ultra2 Monitor Speakers
(LCR and 7.1 Back)

$1500 each

- Call for the Platinum Price

MPS-2510P (powered)
$3500 each

IW-150 In-wall version
$1300 each

S150 MKII THX Ultra2 Monitor

It takes a special speaker to gain the trust of sound professionals. Their jobs, careers, and recognition hangs on the accuracy of the tools they choose and the trust they are able to place in them. For a speaker to become an industry standard, it has to be truly excellent. The S150 speaker and it's powered Pro sibling, the MPS-2510P, are so iconic that they are found found in all of the major film studios in applications critical to the creation of award-winning soundtracks. There simply is no greater proof of excellence.

See a list of Academy Awared wining films mixed using S150 speakers. The complete list of films mixed with M&K speakers is far too long!

What this updated version of the legendary studio monitor does in the conveyance of exactly what is there
in the recorded source, no more and no less, is difficult to formulate in just a few words. Essentially, it does pretty much nothing, except open up a wide, clean, clear window on every
aspect of recorded sound, allowing you to shift your personal focus as you choose between specific details, instruments or voices, while never losing sight of the totality of the overall musical experience. With no additive or subtractive effects, it maintains the full integrity of the source, making it possible to listen with uncanny precision into the recorded event, to experience the intricate interplay of performers, the subtle tonal shadings and timbral nuances that bring you to the emotional core of the performance. Questions of greater suitability for music or movies or for specific genres fall away, as these speakers simply lay out the unveiled, uncolored truth of any source with a scintillating realism and naturalness

Extraordinary dynamic capabilities, effortless presentation of complex rhythms, linear frequency response and temporal integrity make the MK Sound S150 MKII THX Ultra2 a true joy to listen to for serious sessions or just for pure pleasure.

S150 MkII Specifications
Iimpedance: 4 ohms
Frequency Response: 77Hz - 20KHz +/-3dB
Recommended Power: 25 - 400 Watts
Finish: Black Satin
Dimensions (H,W,D): 12.5" x 10.5" x 12.5"
Weight: 24lbs
Other characteristics meet or excede THX Ultra2 specifications

S150T THX Ultra2
Tripole Side/Rear

$1900/pair - Call for the Platinum Price

S150T Tripole Side/Rear Monitor

An Entirely New Perspective Side- or rear-mounted speakers in a multi-channel audio system pose a radically different set of performance challenges relative to conventional stereo systems, because surround speakers are typically positioned much closer to the listener and deliver sound to the ears from very different angles. Unfortunately, most multi-channel installations ignore these critical factors entirely and simply employ the same type of direct-radiating monopole drivers that have been the norm for well over a century. These conventional loudspeakers feature drivers mounted on one side only (monopole) and aimed directly at the listening position. As a result of the close proximity to the listening area, they are easily identifiable as the source of sound, failing to disappear in a credible you-are-there sonic illusion.
A costly alternative in recent decades is the dipole surround speaker with no drivers on the front directly facing the audience, but identical sets of drivers on two sides. By generating sound from one side in phase and the other out of phase (dipole) with no sound radiating directly at the listening position, dipoles successfully create a diffuse soundfield, but at the expense of any sound actually intended to be heard as a specific image.

The proprietary MK Sound Tripole configuration, essentially two speakers mounted in a single cabinet, is the first and only technology to effectively address these major issues to deliver both image specificity and an enveloping surround field, without compromise. The MK Sound S150T THX Tripole combines both front and side mounted drivers to direct the
surround image both indirectly and directly into the listening area, for a smoother, more robust surround image in perfect harmony with the front three channels. Because the S150T THX Ultra2 Tripole employs the same exclusive, innovative high frequency driver as the S150 MKII THX Ultra2, sonic consistency and voice matching are assured.

S150T Specifications
Iimpedance: 4 ohms
Frequency Response: 80Hz - 20KHz +/-3dB
Recommended Power: 25 - 200 Watts
Finish: Black Satin
Dimensions (H,W,D): 10.5" x 8" x 6.5"
Weight: 10lbs
Other characteristics meet or excede THX Ultra2 specifications