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Two Channel Stereo - Pure and Simple

In a time when 5.1 channel systems seem to be the minimum required there is a renewed interesting in simple, basic stereo. Why? Nearly all music today is still released in two-channel stereo. Audio Purists say that the simplicity of a high-end stereo system draws them into the music.

Platinum Home Theaters designs stereo listening rooms tuned for the purpose. Not only do we match components and hardware, we focus on the one component of your system that has the largest impact on the result, yet is most often totally ignored: the acoustics of the room. Let us show you how a well-tuned stereo room can present full dimensionality.

Yes, we do Vinyl and Tape!

From our decades of experience in professional broadcast audio, we are also experts in calibrating analog sources like turntables and tape decks. There's much more to do that just pick out a cartridge, turntable and tonearm or slap on a reel of tape. Vinyl and Tape are "organic" and require an experienced hand.

Call us to discuss your two-channel stereo needs!

Below is just a sampling of our 2 channel products:

Marantz Reference TT-15S1

Martin Logan


Marantz Reference PM-11S2

Parrot Zik Headphones

Boston M350B

Studio-grade Analog Tape Machines
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