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The 950 Series - THX Select Monitor Speakers

950F Floor Monitor Speakers
(LCR and 7.1 Back)

$1000 each

- Call for the Platinum Price

950F Monitor

By popular demand, MK Sound now offers our first-ever floorstanding monitor, the 950F, in a slim-line enclosure, 120 cm (47.2”) in height. While particularly attractive as a noholds barred music solution, MK Sound 950F is also up to the task of rendering demanding modern movie soundtracks with abundant verve and vitality.

In partnership with any MK Sound subwoofer, the sealed 950F enclosure ensures ideal integration across the full musical spectrum. At virtually any listening position, the audience will experience superior three-dimensional imaging and clarity for remarkable sonic realism.

The MK Sound 950F system draws heavily on technologies and components created for its famed professional and domestic siblings, while sporting its own distinctive metal mesh grilles for an attractive, upscale designer feel that blends well with contemporary and traditional environments.

The innovative MK Sound Pro tweeter
employs a coated silk dome with lightweight copper-clad aluminum wire and mounted in a calibrated waveguide for controlled directivity and integration with the bass/mid array.

To match its fresh level of high frequency resolution, the MK Sound 950F bass/mid driver maintains the legendary top-to-bottom integrity and cohesion that is the hallmark of
MK Sound.

The impressive, effortless power handling of the 950F confirms that the speaker’s contemporary visual appeal comes at no sacrifice in audio performance.

950F Specifications
Finish: Black Satin with black metal mesh grille
Drivers: 1” silk dome ferrofluid double ferrite magnet tweeter
2 x 5.25” polypropylene bass/mid
Frequency Response: 80 Hz - 20 kHz ±3 dB
Dimensions (HxWxD): 47.2 x 7 x 8.3”
Weight : 44 lb - 20 kg

LCR-950 Monitor Satellite
$650 each - Call for the Platinum Price

SUR-95T Tripole Surround Speaker
$1300 (pair) -
Call for the Platinum Price

LCR950 Monitor Satelite

The exceptional performance of the MK Sound 950 range is in large part due to
unlimited access to technologies and parts developed in the pursuit of audio nirvana for the critical professional user by our professional division.

Crucial to the consistency and seamless soundfield generated by any 950 system, front and rear speakers employ the same innovative drivers, crossover components and technologies. While this may seem like common sense, many so-called music
and surround “systems” are in fact a hodgepodge of random odds and ends.

The arrival of the MK Sound 950 compact loudspeaker has been celebrated with high praise from all quarters. Expectations naturally ran high for a system of such distinguished pedigree, slotted to fit in the MK Sound range between the acclaimed
750 THX Select2 system and the legendary 150 THX Ultra2 system.
Unlike other crossover designs that are optimized only for a narrow and shallow “sweet spot”, proprietary MK Sound Phase Focused crossovers deliver razor-sharp imaging and flat frequency response over a very wide listening area by optimizing
system performance in both the vertical and horizontal planes.

Three identical front speakers ensure a coherent, consistent image, while handling micro-details and subtle nuances with a delicate touch. Extraordinary dynamics lend
substance and weight for a realistic sense of power.

LCR950 Specifications
Finish: Black Satin with black metal mesh grille
Drivers: 1” silk dome ferrofluid double ferrite magnet tweeter
2 x 5.25” polypropylene bass/mid
Frequency Response:80 Hz - 20 kHz ±3 dB
Dimensions (HxWxD) :16.1 x 7 x 9”
Weight : 15.25 lb



SUR95T Tripole Surround

The SUR95T Tripole surround loudspeaker allows multichannel home entertainment enthusiasts to enjoy MK Sound Tripole® technology in a practical size for side or rear placement in a 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 channel configuration that won’t dominate your
living space.

The SUR95T Tripole delivers both imaging specificity and an enveloping soundfield, because it is essentially two independent speakers (a front-radiating monopole and a side-radiating dipole) mounted in a single cabinet. This breakthrough design shares all of the technologies and is timbre matched to the LCR950 and the 950F. Featuring two 3” pulp mid-tweeters on each side of the cabinet oriented in dipole fashion, the dipole configuration emits diffuse sound throughout the room.
Combined with the front-mounted 1” silk dome tweeter and 5.25” polypropylene mid-woofer direct radiating configuration, the Tripole design provides even distribution of sound throughout the listening area with pinpoint accuracy and an enveloping soundfield.

The SUR95T Tripole surround is the ideal match for the LCR950 and the
950F in output, timbre and overall sound quality.

SUR95T Specifications
Finish:Black Satin with black metal mesh grille
Drivers:1” silk dome ferrofluid double ferrite magnet tweeter
5.25” polypropylene bass/mid
2 x 3” coated paper (side-mounted)
Frequency Response: 87 Hz - 20 kHz ±3 dB
Dimensions (HxWxD):10.2 x 7 x 8.7”\
Weight:10.25 lb