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What are Platinum Control and On Controls?

We've partnered with On Controls to bring you Platinum Control. On Controls is a creative programming framework that makes our Platinum Control System possible. Just as a web site can be built using HTML, Java and Flash, On Controls gives us the tools to create custom control panels with command automation behind the scenes that result in a simple and elegant user experience.

On Controls is the Custom Installation division of iRule, which began with the passion of two home theater enthusiasts sick of the "coffee table full of remotes" syndrome. They wanted something better, but nobody made it, so they created iRule themselves. Today, iRule is a company run by engineers, developers, creatives and entrepreneurs all focussed on bringing us the tools we need to create original control solutions that are eminently suited to our clients needs. We've been installing iRule systems for several years, and have now migrated to their Custom Installation division, On Controls, which privides our customers with an even greater level of performance capabilities.

There are many iPad and i-device based remote controls, most of them offered for free by equipment manufacturers specifically for controlling their products. We think these free apps are simply non-solutions, and make your i-device nothing more than a virtual "coffee table full of remotes". Platinum Control made with On Controls creates a total environment in a single app that lets users do what they need to without confusion, clutter or a learning curve. That's right No Learning Curve! You can pick up an iPad with our system on it and immediately know how play a Bluray disc, instantly pick your favorite cable channel, and all the while retain control of your sound volume and lights. One new Platinum Control user commented, "It's like you guys got into my head! It does exactly what I expect, every time!"

On Controls is the core of Platinum Control, we add the "secret sauce" to make Platinum Control wonderful.


Cost: Our systems are the lowest cost custom programmed remote systems available. Other systems define "custom" as picking preset screens and graphics and preset commands. We have created our own control panels that are fully customizable, including buttons and graphics and even photographs. Other systems that allow this level of design cost between $4000 and $30,000, and even higher. Each Platinum Control System is custom, but basic A/V control systems start uner $1200 including programming and installation.

Ease of Operation: Platinum Control was designed by a non-technical person. That's right, someone who admits to being a technophobe, and has no desire to understand remote controls designed our system! No other control system can make that claim! Because of this, the system is easily "discoverable", and intuitive. We pride ourselves on our "no learning curve" claim. We can provide user instruction if desired, but simply picking up the iPad and looking at the panel will lead you through the system without thought. No tiny buttons with grey on black legends, no "soft buttons" that change their function, no illogical and meaningless symbols.

Expandability and flexibility: When you buy an AV system, you are investing in something that will not stay the same forever. For example, as your viewing habits change, you may wish to "cut the cable" and move to off-air TV. You may wish to add a video streaming device, or a second room. Perhaps you add a game system, or a security camera. Our systems can accommodate changes as you need them. We don't lock you into a fixed system…ever. If you replace a component or upgrade, the required changes to Platinum Control can often be handled by us without even a visit to you. Features and panels can be added or deleted at any time. The cost for changes is often minimal, and some are even free. Most are done based only on the time it takes us. No flat rates, no minimum charges.

We searched for six years for a control system that we felt not only met our needs, but met the needs of our clients in the best possible combination of value, features, and ease of use. There were many candidates along the way, and all were considered, but each had something that crippled it. What we never expected was to find a solution that met all of our criteria so well at a low cost! In fact, just before Platinum Control was born, we had considered adopting a well-known system, also based on i-devices and Macs, that seemed to satisfy all of our criteria…except cost. And we were just about ready to grit our teeth and pay the cost when iRule came to our attention. We think iRule is our dream-come-true, and On Controls has just improved on that dream. We think our Platinum Control system will be your dream as well.

Basic A/V system means a display (TV or projector), an AVR, and a video source like a disc player or cable box. Each system is unique, however, which is part of why Platinum Control is so easy to use. Contact us for an estimate.